[17’s Diary -SeungCheol] 2013/06/24 ‘Faster Get Better’


Seventeen SEUNGCHEOL Twitter/FB Update:
[17’s Diary -승철] 2013/06/24 ‘빨리 나아’
내가 아픈게 다 나으니 훈이가 아프댄다..
요전에 아픈걸로 고생 많이해서 걱정이 많이 된다
아파도 아픈 내색조차 안하던 녀석이 아파서 들어간것을 보니 많이 힘들었나보다
빨리 완쾌해서 연습벌레 훈이로 돌아왔으면 좋겠다

[17’s Diary -SeungCheol] 2013/06/24 ‘Faster Get Better’
I’m want to let you know that JiHoon is sick..
JiHoon being sick will make a lot of you worried of him
Has anybody sick rampant even expressed that he looked sick and went much more himdeuleotna
Get a full recovery and I hope you to comeback to our practice Hoonie.

credit: facebook seventeen via pledisblaze


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