Hello to all Playgirlz/Playboyz who either have a a chance to visit our Blog Site!! =)

Finally, we just moved to our new blog. We are sorry for our mercurial changing of blog from blogger to wordpress to blogger to wordpress again. We’re just looking for the best since we found out that there are undesirable things that would occur in updating you our news.

Anyway, we also changed our name from “AfterSchoolBlaze” (since Pledis Boys are first called “After School Boys”) to “PLEDISBLAZE“. So, we are providing you updates from any of Pledis Ent’s Male Artists (Nuest/Tempest/etc.), who’s also called as “Pledis Boys”.

After School Blaze (founded March 2, 2011) Fan-blog site is where we can share facts and infos as much as we can. “Blaze” means shining brightly, intensively, fire(burning), etc. and is perfect to modify soon for AS Boys as the next rising stars in KPop Industry.

Although we know that we won’t be able as fast as other big AS Fan Sites in terms of updating fresh and recent news, and that we do not have any korean translators, all we can offer is a dedication.

Still, we apologize for any translations (if there are wrong) we are going to have, as we offer our time & knowledge in sharing you some updates.

Please enjoy your stay here as we present you some of our Posts.
Feel free to visit / follow our other accounts:
TWITTER : PledisBlaze
FACEBOOK : PledisBlaze
Alternate Blog : afterschoolblaze.co.cc

14 comments on “About

  1. want nu’est want come to malaysia again.pleasa come to MALAYSIA NU’EST

  2. Is there any chance that Nu’est can come/visit here in the Philippines and have a concert here in Manila

  3. I wish nu’est would come to houston.They should have a contest were 200 people
    win free tickets and the 2 main winners win 4 tickets and a back stage.

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