Kpopstarz’s exclusive interview with NU’EST


Hello everyone! It’s been a while since our last episode, right? A few months ago we featured an exclusive interview with RaNia. This time, we are fortunate to have been able to sit down with Nu’Est during their recent activities in Southeast Asia, specifically in Singapore. Meeting the adorable five boys was definitely a pleasure for the KpopStarz team, as they were gracious and enthusiastic answering questions for their global fans.

Despite back-to-back overseas schedules and continous interviews during the day of our meeting,Nu’Est, comprised JR, Minhyun, Aron, Baekho and Ren still remained candid and bubbly during our interview. Upon hearing that we are US media, their eyes lit up in gratitude, and even bowed their heads in respect and astonishment. It was a sight to see even if off-the-reel. It was a sure signal that these young lads remain humble even with their rapid ascent to the front line of Kpop, having only debuted last year. They are still amazed at the love they are getting overseas, and hold much affection for their international fans.

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News: NU’EST members reveal their honest thoughts about rivals B.A.P


Having released their mini album ‘HelloNU’EST revealed their thoughts about making a comeback during their press conference held on the 13th, even addressing the rivalry between them and fellow idol group B.A.P, who has also just made their comeback.

The boys attended the event, which was held at the Interpark Art Center, and revealed their feelings about the tough idol market as they named B.A.P as one rival group, having debuted around the same time frame, and stated, “It’d be a lie to say we don’t concern ourselves about them.”

Baekho added, “It’s true that we do have B.A.P on our minds. For me, I think B.A.P has turned out well. I do get a bit jealous about their active role [in the market]… Seeing B.A.P, I thought that we should work hard as well,” revealing his honest thoughts.

Having made their comeback after 6 months, JR commented, “We practiced really hard with the mind set to do really well during the past 6 months of hiatus. Please continue to watch over NU’EST.”

If you haven’t checked out their music video yet, make sure to do so here.

Source: Newsen via allkpop

INTERVIEW | NU’EST Fresh Interview

Q. Hello.NU’EST members, Congratulation for your debut with the Single [FACE]!
Hello. We’re Urban Electro Band NU’EST. Yes~Thank you for congratulating 뉴이스트(NU’EST)’s 1st debut. Finally! We, 뉴이스트(NU’EST)가 can present you our debut album [FACE]. Eventhough we’re so nervous, and fluttered, We’re happy that we can meet our fans^^ We’ll show up NU’EST perfect performance in the future, so please look forward and give us a  lot of love^^

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INTERVIEW | NU’EST, “Male version of After School?” It’s kinda burdened us

“The title song, ‘FACE’ genre is Dubstep; electronic dance music that originated in Europe. Although it’s the song that we use when we debuting, We participate a lot for this single album. Especially, Aron and JR participating in writing lyrics for the Album intro song. It’s really different with any other songs.”
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