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Now before going to America…….Revealing a photo!!!! Although you miss me, endure it while looking at my photo. When we’re back I’ll upload a photo and my impression (about America)ㅠㅠ Please wait for a little bit!! Bbyong ♥ [Tag : The weather is so nice I want to go picnic with L.O.V.Es.. L.O.V.Es I love you♥♥♥♥♥]

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ME2DAY | NU’EST’s 1 month after official debut,thanked fans’ support!


와우! 데뷔한지1달 ! 벌써이렇게되다니ㅠㅠ감격의눈물 흑흑 여러분덕분에 저희가 이렇게 기분좋고 재밌게 활동할수있어요ㅠㅠ 감사합니다 사랑해용 앞으로도 바람피기없기예용!! 여러분 정말너무감사드리고요 사랑해용 앞으로 더 열심히하는뉴이스트가되겠습니다 뿅☆ | Wah! It’s been a month since debut ! It’s already this longㅠㅠTearing because of touched. Thanks to all of you, we can do our activities happily and enjoying itㅠㅠ Thank you, I love you. Don’t cheat on us in the future!! Everyone thank you so much and I love you. We’ll be NU’EST who working hard in the future. Bbyong ☆
Source : Baekho’s me2day
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NEWS | After School’s U-ie Talked About Nu’Est

After School member U-ie was cheering for Nu’Est, under same agency Pledis Entertainment.
On January 27th, Uie tweeted, “I wanna shout this at Mubank ‘The cool NU’EST~Please come out!!!^^’ quickly!!^^ Please give a lot of interest to our ‘NU’EST’!!^^ NU’EST Hwaiting!!!!!!^^☆” Following with another tweet : “Pledis’ 1st Boygroup, rookie NU’EST whose gets cool more and more!!!!!!!! Not much time left until that moment come!!!^^ The NU’EST is really working hard practicing for their debut stage, and im so proud of it*^^* I keeps smilling like a mom because of i’ve been watching the kids since they’re trainees~*^^*”.

Netizens tweeted U-ie back such as, “New East fighting! U-ie is watching”, “New East wins After School Uie!”. Great fans also cheered U-ie.

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U-ie’s Translated tweets by thenuest

ME2DAY | Baekho Me2day Update — 24th of January 2012


JAN 2012

최대의 명절 설날! 잘보내셨어용~? ^^ 심심하실까봐 만두사진 한장 더ㅋㅎ 모두 모두 운전 조심해서 올라오세용~~ 아..! 저처럼 운전을 하지 못하시는 분들은 운전하시는 엄마 아빠에게 얘기해주는 센스! 아시죵? ^^ 오후 1시 57분
TRANS : the lunar new year holiday~ did you spend it well? I upload another photo during making a dumplings in case you all are bored ㅋ Everyone!Drive (the car) carefully! to those who can’t drive like me, tell your mom or dad to be careful while driving! Got it?^^

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Photo Source : Baekho’s me2day