Photo: 130215 Uie me2day update with NU’EST


[Uie me2day] ‘여보세요’! 우리 겸댕이 뉴이스트가 돌아왔어요! 특히 가사가 완전 좋다는거어! 실 전화기로 무슨 얘기 했는지는 비미일! ♥

[Translation] ‘Hello’! Our cute NUEST has come back! The lyrics are especially very good! What we were talking about on the phone is a se~cret! ♥

Translation: xzmingzx




Audio + Lyrics+ concept pictures: NU’EST 2nd mini album – Hello

Introducing a new style into the K-pop boy group market with fresh music and performance such as “FACE”, “Action” along with unique fashion style, Urban Electro Band NU’EST is back with 2nd Mini Album.

NU’EST, ‘Spokesmen for Teenagers’, has been addressing today’s social issues from the perspective of teens with strong and powerful music and performance. This time, they are talking about love through mature, emotional music topped with dramatic performance.

After their explosive debut in March 2012, NU’EST has already created strong fan base in and out the country, even achieving a sold out individual concert in Japan recently. NU’EST has become a new style icon in the world of K-Pop all around Asia, and now they are ready to touch your emotions with delicate music this end of winter.

NU’EST confesses that being on a stage reaching for their dream is the happiest time in their life. Anticipating NU’EST’s new style and tempo, this is NU’EST’s show time!

Concept pictures: (click to enlarge)

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TRANS | 121012 – Minhyun’s update on Twitter

“Hi everybody! It’s Nuest’s Minhyun~ ^^
We are going to America today~~~~~!!!!!
We won’t be able to see everyone for awhile
but you guys want to see how the image of Nuest in America right?? ^^
When we come back from America it will be the birthday party soon
So please bear with it for awhile and look forward to it~
So LOVES, see you next week~ Bye~ @m‘ ”

Credit: NuestSG

TRANS | 121007 NU’EST Random Chatting – Minhyun

Minhyun : Hello
Minhyun : First, I need to be excused
Minhyun : My typing is a bit slow so type slowly please
Minhyun : Hello!
Minhyun : How are you doing?
Minhyun : I did my best to improve my typing skills but they didn’t improve much
Minhyun : Good luck on your exam tomorrow
Minhyun : Do well on your exam
Minhyun : And let’s have lots of fun at the birthday partyㅎㅎㅎㅎ
Minhyun : We’re practicing really hard
Minhyun : You could be excited about it
Minhyun : We’ll blow away all your stress
Minhyun : You’ll regret it if you don’t come

Reporter-Lee : The information about the birthday party will come up tomorrow
Reporter-Lee : Even the members don’t know about it that well
Reporter-Lee : I have to go now

Minhyun : About the comeback…??

Fan : Oppa will you come to Daegu/ Busan/ Gumi?
Minhyun : We’ll be there for the fan sign event when the new album comes outㅎㅎㅎ

Minhyun : Do you want to see anything special at the fan-meeting??
Minhyun : Abs, aegyo, rap, sexy dance
Minhyun : Or Cross-dressing
Minhyun : What?? Ballet???^^;;
Minhyun : I’m trying to get rid of my Busan accent
Minhyun : I’ll show you (perfect Seoul accent) when I become a perfect Seoul-er

Reporter-Lee : Do you think it’s possible
Reporter-Lee : for Minhyun to get rid of his accent
Reporter-Lee : perfectly?

Minhyun : I have it fixed now
Minhyun : But to be perfect
Minhyun : You want to see me acting right?
Minhyun : Then I need to fix it
Minhyun : So help me

Reporter-Lee : Minhyun splitting his legs
Minhyun : Splitting my legs?
Reporter-Lee : Do you think it’s possible?
Minhyun : When I tried splitting my legs before
Minhyun : I cried
Minhyun : So NEVER!!!!!!

Minhyun : I cross-dressing many times before, didn’t I?
Reporter-Lee : Everyone… Minhyun’s
Reporter-Lee : cross-dressing is a hidden card
Reporter-Lee : We’re going to hide it
Reporter-Lee : It’s not okay if it’s shown already
Reporter-Lee : You know Hwang Minyeo (Beauty) right?
Reporter-Lee : Even himself likes it Hwang Minyeo..

Minhyun : Hello.. I’m Hwang Minyeo^^♥
Minhyun : You can call me Unnie now~
Minhyun : Yeah~ Everyone~

Reporter-Lee : Everyone, What are Minhyun’s appealing points?
Reporter-Lee : Why do you love Minhyun?
Reporter-Lee : And Minhyun, Which part do you like yourself the most?
Minhyun : ALLㅋㅋㅋ
Reporter-Lee : Hwang Minyeo’s overflowing self-esteemㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Reporter-Lee : Everyone, Minhyun isn’t typing
Reporter-Lee : Hurry and ask him a questionㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Minhyun : Question
Minhyun : Question
Minhyun : Question
Minhyun : I love L.O.^.E.s
Minhyun : I’m too shy to cross-dress

Fan : Reveal your abs
Minhyun : Abs? Slightly..

Minhyun : You can look forward for the birthday party
Minhyun : So please come
Minhyun : I hope all of our LOVEs could come
Minhyun : L.O.V.E’s love as birthday present?

Fan : Oppa, NU’EST appearance rankㅋㅋㅋ
Minhyun : Appearance rank?
Minhyun : 1st Minhyun; 2nd Aron; 3rd Ren;

Minhyun : (Background changed to Minhyun when he cross-dressing) OMG. Ah
Minhyun : Pretty right?
Reporter-Lee : It’s my favorite picture. Yeoksam-Dong Hwang Minyeo
Minhyun : Sense 100 points.
Minhyun : Try to fall in love (With Hwang Minyeo)

Fan : Unnie is a goddess
Minhyun : Isn’t a ‘Goddess’ too much..? I’m a guy afterall
Minhyun : Fairy. Okay
Minhyun : I choose national fairy
Minhyun : Later on, on the fanchant “National fairy Hwang Minhyun!!”

Reporter-Lee : Minhyun I hope you can get casted in a drama soonㅠㅠ
Minhyun : I know right
Reporter-Lee : You’re Hwang Minam (Pretty boy). Your charm is overflowing
Minhyun : Reply 1997 Season 2 Kya. Exactly my role right?
Reporter-Lee : If Minhyun do it, the first kiss..
Minhyun : ㅠㅠ
Minhyun : (with) Yoo Min Sang Senior (A gagman)ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Reporter-Lee : Minhyun is a solo (single)
Minhyun : It was really hard. The feeling.. I can’t explain with words
Minhyun : The feeling is not as sweet and as tingling

Fan : Oppa who sleep next to you at the dorm???
Minhyun : JR and Ren. We use the same room
Minhyun : Ren (sleeps) on 2nd floor (Bunk-bed)
Minhyun : 1st floor Minhyun JR
Minhyun : Baekho sleeps in the other room
Minhyun : I kinda stressed out. He’s (Baekho) really dirty/un-tidy

Minhyun : Ideal type?
Minhyun : Sleeping habit? JR is.. sleeping while snuggling pillow
Minhyun : I’m well-behaved when sleeping
Minhyun : Aron hyung is well-behaved as well
Minhyun : Ren is always puts on a mask-pack before going to sleep
Minhyun : Baekho is..

Fan : Were you originally wanted to be a singer?
Minhyun : Yes, I want to be a singer

Fan : Do you use pajamas?
Minhyun : I love knee trousers, short sleeve tee

Fan : Oppa what’s your favorite food?
Minhyun : For now, it’s Ice cream

Fan : Song you often listening to recently?
Minhyun : Recently..I’m listening to Orange Caramel senior songs. Twist twist up lipstick~

Fan : Oppa do you love L.O.V.Es?
Minhyun : I love (L.O.V.Es) like how far is Mars to Uranus

Minhyun : I like all fruits
Minhyun : Foods that i don’t like…
Minhyun : Eggplant?

Fan : Highest rank you got in the class?
Minhyun : 5th place in class?
Minhyun : Because i studiedㅎㅎ
Minhyun : Do you know a root formulaㅋㅋ

Minhyun : Ideal type. My ideal type now is a songㅋㅋ
Minhyun : Other members first impression? They’re so good-looking. I was so nervous

Fan : Your ideal type is Reporter -Lee
Minhyun : Reporter-Lee?
Reporter-Lee : I’m not close with Minhyun. I hope we can get close
Minhyun : Are you kidding me?ㅋㅋㅋ
Reporter-Lee : Yah~ Are you kidding me?
Reporter-Lee : That’s NU’EST favorite words

Fan : Do you like grape?
Minhyun : I like grape

Reporter-Lee : Thanks to you all, Me and Minhyun are even more awkward now. Thank you^^

Fan : Oppa since when were you pretty and good looking?
Minhyun : I’m good-looking since August 9th 1995
Minhyun : Actually I’m good-looking since 1st grade on high school
Minhyun : My eyes aren’t small. It’s just that the other members’ eyes are too big. My eyes aren’t that small.
Minhyun : My height.. because my father is tall. heredity?

Minhyun : I’m playing around while thinking about LOVEs. I want to visit fancafe again to read message and picturesㅎㅎ I cheer up when I read fan letter. NU’EST strolling king Hwang Minhyun. I’ll try to be king of replyㅋㅋ

Minhyun : Me2day..
Minhyun : I often monitoring the official twitter (T/N : @NUESTNEWS)

Fan : Switch your concept with Ren’s
Minhyun : Ren’s concept.. I like the ‘Straight and Narrow Guy’

Reporter-Lee : As for now, the members doesn’t have personal twitter~~
Minhyun : Bbuing Bbuing
Minhyun : About a solo song
Reporter-Lee : Please don’t ask that question^^ (The members) still doesn’t have handphone, so they can’t do it (twitter)
Minhyun : I want to do it too
Minhyun : I often read fanletter.

Fan : Oppa do you want to marry younger girls or older girls???
Minhyun : Older, younger, same-age not a problem for me

Fan : Oppa which member are scariest when they’re serious?
Minhyun : Baekho. He becomes Baekho when he gets serious

Fan : Oppa confess to L.O.V.E for once!!
Minhyun : Go-baek (Confess)
Minhyun : go back (in english// same pronounciation as go-baek)
Minhyun : I love you
Minhyun : eeee I love you (in english)

Fan : Bare-face beauty Hwang Minhyun
Minhyun : If it’s bare face then it’s Minhyun
Minhyun : Skin beauty
Minhyun : I practiced typingㅋㅋWith a memo paperㅋㅋ
Minhyun : I love you too~~
Minhyun : Everyone, I have to go nowㅜㅜ Bye bye. Bye~~~~~
Minhyun : Good bye my princess (in english)
Minhyun : Lastly, ~@m’
Minhyun : Bye bye

Translated by Jiwon & Ayu @ thenuest

INFO | BaekMinRen Birthday Party – “Happy 3gether Day”

Date: 21 October 2012, Sunday
Time: 11:30AM KST
Place: Gwanghwamun Olleh Square

FREE EVENT (You can come here without paid)
Birthday Party for 258 people (238 + 20 standing place)

Fans which have any fancam (from variety events) of Baekho, Minhyun or Ren are asked for sending this via mail on – this will be shows on Birthday Party as surprise for boys. You must do it by 14.10.2012.

cr: NU’EST Daum

TRANS | 121007 NU’EST Random Chatting

Baekho : gogogo let’s go!!!!

Aron: Bbuing Bbuing. Hello my girlfriend L.O.ㅅ.E

JR : Hello ㅋㅋ This is the host leader JR .

JR : Our L.O.V.Es, I keep my promise~

Aron : Arong Arong Jjang

Baekho : You all know that I’m Reporter-Kang for today right?

Aron : I miss you, come to my side quickly

JR : Thank you

Baekho : I ate Minhyun!! Why!!

JR : Should I do this again secretly

Ren : Hello

Baekho : Aaron Kwak, I challenge you for a duel

Aron : I’m Kwak Young Min

Baekho : Young Min-ah, I challenge you for a duel

JR : A lot of L.O.V.Es join the chat today~~~

Aron : hi LOVE indonesia~

Baekho : I said, it’s American style!!!

Baekho : Please decrease your font size~~ I’m telling this on behalf of Reporter-Lee~

JR : Young Min is Ren’s ㅋㅋㅋ

Aron : My korean is good ~ good~

Baekho : Hey Kim JR, I challenge you for a duel

Baekho : Bring it on

JR : Everyone should obey Reporter-Leeㅋㅋ Although I’m the one who made a promise

Baekho : JR, Bring it on

Aron : ashley? my girlfriend? are you here?

Baekho : Bring it on!

Baekho : I’m bored

JR : No one looking for Minhyun?

Baekho : Minhyun is in my stomach! Don’t looking for him

Aron : Ren my girl~

JR : If you’re not looking for Minhyunㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Ren : shut up

Baekho : Ren is a guy

JR : Find him quickly

Baekho : Aron Jugeulren? Salren? (You want to die? Or live?) [T/N : He’s playing with the words]

Baekho : Do you want to live with me?

Aron : Ren i love you baby

JR : ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Find Minhyun~~

Ren : Do you want to die?

Baekho : Minki-yah~ I want to live with you~~

Aron : Minki is mine

JR : Today Minhyun..unfortunately he has something to do so he couldn’t join the chatㅎㅎ

Baekho : Aron care Aron care, you follow me follow me! [T/N : Action lyrics; He’s playing with the words again]

JR : Minhyun is not hereㅋㅋ….

Ren : You follow me, follow me

Baekho : It’s okay Ren, you’re pretty even if you only stay still

JR : Just be satisfied with 4 of us

JR :  I’ll bring Minhyun next time

Baekho : Aron! Let’s fight

Aron : hey ren

Aron : you fool

JR : Although I don’t know when is the ‘Next time’

Baekho : Bring it on, Aron hyung

Aron : I love you

Ren : Let’s fight

Baekho : Oh Ren, Let’s fight

JR : These kids, stop fighting

Aron : I don’t want to~

Baekho : Bring it on, Ren

Ren : Let’s fight Aron

Baekho : Aron let’s fight

Aron : *Hyung

Ren : Let’s fight, Aron Kwak

Baekho : It’s 2 VS 1

JR : L.O.V.Es, which side are you on?

Ren : Hehe

Baekho : Fight, Aaron Kwak

Aron : I don’t want to~ You are so cute ㅋㅋ

Ren : Don’t raise you arm

Ren : Don’t raise it

Baekho : Reporter-Lee, let’s fight

JR : Reporter Lee-nim

Aron : Reporter-Lee

Baekho: ㅋㅋㅋ I provoke ㅋㅋㅋ

Aron : What are you doing

JR : L.O.V.Es let’s fight !

JR : Sorry

Ren : Reporter-Lee volcano erupts

Baekho : She raised a white flag~ ㅋㅋㅋ

Aron: ㅋㅋㅋ Reporter-Lee out

JR : No..

Ren : Let’s defeat Reporter-Lee, all of us

Aron : out please

Baekho : Let’s defeat Reporter-Lee!!

Baekho : Everyone let’s defeat Reporter-Lee !!

Ren : Don’t disturb, just get out!!

JR : L.O.V.Es NU’EST everyone bring it on!!!!!

Aron : Ren!

Baekho : Ren-ah  gogogo

Ren : Get out!!!!

JR : substitute Reporter-Lee !!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Aron : I love ashley

Ren : Be quiet, David

Baekho : For today, It’s gonna be fine eventhough Reporter-Lee isn’t here!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Ren : Aron

Baekho : Because Reporter-Kang is here !! ㅋㅋㅋ

Ren : David

Aron : What

Ren : I’m Ashley ㅜㅜ

Baekho : David?

Ren : Teasing like this since long time ago

Baekho : My name is Alex~ You know? I’m Alex

Aron : I love you

Ren : Question time!

JR: It’s question time now~

Ren : Question time

Baekho : Show time, Question time

Aron : Bbuing Bbuing

Aron : Wink~

JR : Please be quiet for a while~ Shh

Baekho : Favorite food~ ?

Aron : I like all

Ren : Yes, Please make it

JR : I am..trying to like tomate

Baekho : I want to make a comeback

Ren : Hihi

Baekho : Please talk about that to Pledisboss

JR : Tomato-ya, I love you

Ren : Me too..

Aron : Ren bad boy 😦

JR : Where’s our tomato

Baekho : Ren is not a human [T/N: This is a famous line from gag concert]

Ren : No

JR : I love you

Baekho : He’s Kyarusang~

JR : Tomato is mine

Baekho : I’m gonna try out acting~~!!

JR : I’m gonna beat you if you steal my tomato ,…

JR : Tomato

JR : ‘Tomato’ is ‘Tomato’ too backward~

JR : T M T = 토마토

Baekho : Appearance Rank  in team~

Aron :

Baekho : As for me, I’m 1st, and the next…. They’re similiar, it ain’t a game for me …..

Baekho : I’m the 1st!

Aron : Me me me me!

Baekho : Ren 2nd

JR : I’m 5th

Ren :  ㅋㅋI’m gonna be on last place

Baekho : Aron last place

Baekho : No no

Baekho : Minhyun is 2nd

Baekho : Ren is 3rd

Aron : Baekho, Get out

Aron : Ren~

Baekho : Ren?

Baekho : JR looks like he want to throw up

Aron : Aron 1st, end of story. :ㅇ;D

Baekho : ㅋㅋㅋ Aron is in last place ㅋㅋㅋ

JR : I like tomato ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Reporter-Lee : Things that members like?

Baekho : Things i like…shopping~ accessory ㅋㅋ

Ren : It’s me

JR : Ren just logged out

Ren : I got kicked out

Baekho : He got kicked out you idiot

Ren :It’s up to me

Baekho : Yes~~

Ren : I’m the one who invented hangul

JR : La Li Lu Le Lo Ha Hi Hu He Ho

Baekho : Ren will you be quiet ?

JR : Ka Na Da Ra Ma Ba Sa

JR : Abracadabra

Baekho : I like Ren

JR : Eussha Eussha

Baekho : Ren hates me

Baekho : Will you like me ?ㅠㅠ

JR : Will you give a love to me?

Ren :ㅇㅇ(Ok Ok)

Baekho : ㅇㅇ(Ok Ok)

Ren : You’re an expert ㅋㅋ

Baekho : I know Phom Rak Khun

JR : Ya Kang Baekho

JR : I love you

Baekho : I’m a bit awkward..with Aron …

Ren : Phom Rak Khun, Wo Ai Ni

Aron : Young Minnie

Baekho : Aron hyung are you sleeping ? Please talk..

JR : Kwak Aron

Ren : My hands smells like strawberry

JR : I love you~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Baekho : Wah~

Aron : Baekho out please

Baekho : Give your hand to me

Baekho : So powerfulㅋㅋㅋ

Aron : JR what are you doing

JR : I don’t use perfume…ㅋㅋㅋ

Ren : Smells like strawberry..or cherry..

Baekho : I use perfume~

Baekho : Guys!!

Baekho : Please make a survival report

Ren : Guys are you still alive?

Baekho  : Are you alive?

Baekho : Ren why are you following me

Baekho : Do you want to die?

Ren : I want to live

Baekho : My ideal type is..

Baekho : Kind hearted…Ren.. ㅋㅋㅋ

JR : My ideal type is…ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Aron : My ideal type is… you ❤

Ren : My ideal type L.O.V.E style

Baekho : Oppan Gangnam Style ~ ㅋㅋㅋ

JR : Fastest fruit between all fruits is???

JR : I don’t know the answer. Sorry

Baekho : Yeoksam Style~ [T/N : Yeoksam-dong is neighborhood where Pledis office placed ]

Baekho : My dream is… to be a singer…

Ren : Of course, I like thailand girls, Korean too

JR : Everyone, Why?

Baekho : Ah.. I want to tell something

Aron : I like Korea

Baekho : I want to tell something!!!!!!!

Aron : Baekho Just get outㅋㅋㅋ I’m not interested

Baekho : The supporting ranking is on 17th. Is this possible

Baekho : Is it possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Ren : Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, Ulsan, Gwangju, Kangwon-do all woah~~

Baekho : Is it possible

JR :Hello Minki

Baekho : Wait. Ren just die now

JR : Got kicked out because..all of you spazzing

JR : Are you alive

JR : These kids~

Baekho : Ren got kicked out…

Baekho : Ren disappeared.. ㅠㅠ

Ren : Hi, this is Ren [T/N : He’s using Aron’s account]

Ren : We’re going to use this together

Ren : I’m alive

Baekho : What are you

Aron : Let’s use this account together

Baekho :  4 minutes left~

Ren : Davod

JR : Baby dinosaur Dolly*~Cute baby dinosaur….[T/N: *Cartoon Character]

Aron : Yes, Ashley

Baekho : Oh David, Ashley~ I’m Alex

JR : Anyone saw my Dolly drawing? My Dolly

Baekho : Reporter-Lee said to decrease the font size or she’ll kick you out (from chat room)

Aron : You Alexander

JR : Dolly likes corn

Baekho : Hi JR

*Aron/Ren : Does Dolly likes corn? [T/N: I’m just going to put dialogue like this because I don’t know who’s talking, but imo it’s Ren lol.]

Baekho : Don’t talk non-sense

Aron/Ren : Doesn’t he like sweet potato

Aron/Ren : Do you want sweet potato?

JR : It’s corn

Aron/Ren : What do you know

JR : Dolly likes corn

Baekho : My dream is… to be a singer.. ㅋㅋㅋ

Aron : Agree

Aron/Ren : Dolly-ya do you want sweet potato?

Aron/Ren :  Ice Planet Adventure Episode

Baekho :  Why are you arguing ㅋㅋㅋ

Baekho : You’re disturbing  sleeping tiger by touching its nose hairs..

JR : JjangGoo* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [T/N: *Cartoon Character]

Aron/Ren :  I received curse on Ice world

Baekho : Bring it on….

Aron/Ren : A tittlebat

JR : Buri Buri~

Baekho :  It’s hurt if you pull it

Aron/Ren : Kandappia! [T/N : Spell on the cartoon Dolly]

Aron/Ren : To the future!!!

JR : I watched all Jjang Goo films… they’re touching…

Aron/Ren : Oh oh?

Baekho : Kkandappia~!!

Aron/Ren : Is this error?

JR : Heuk… My Jjang Goo…

Aron/Ren : Kkandappia

Aron/Ren : To the future!!! Ppooooong!!

Aron/Ren : Where is it now

Aron/Ren : It’s the space

JR : 2 minutes left

Baekho : These idiots

Aron/Ren : Wah a skeleton!

JR : Talk what you want to talk ~

Baekho : Idiots who only know me ~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Baekho : About the practice video ..We’ll upload it later~ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Aron/Ren : Gongshil-ah!!

JR : Everyone, because I keep my promise!! .. so don’t say anything anymore~

Aron/Ren : Whistle

Baekho : Happy birthday

Aron-Ren: Mom~ Mom!ㅜㅜ Don’t go

Aron/Ren : Dolly-ya

JR : 1 minute left

Aron/Ren : Mom have to go

JR : Mom….

Baekho : Don’t go?? Don’t go ~~~~ For you, I’m still~~~ living like a fool~~ I need youuu oh baby [T/N: A song lyrics]

JR : Don’t go…

JR : Our Mom..

JR : Our Mom!!!!!!

JR : Where’s our mom???

Aron/Ren : Goodbye, Goodbye Love

Baekho : My love

Aron/Ren : I only love you

JR : 30 minutes.

Baekho : Now comeback to me~~~~~~

Aron/Ren : Don’t come to my side again!

JR : Now, goodbye everyone~~

Baekho : 30 minutes. Time over

Aron/Ren : Bye~

Baekho : Bye bye

JR : Because I keep my promise, I feel comfortable~ What a relief

Baekho : Wait. Shh

Aron : I love you my baby:D<3

JR : Thanks to our NU’EST members

Baekho : Shh or not I’m going to leave without farewell

JR : Then, I will leave now~~ I’ll go first~Bye~~~

Baekho : Bye JR

Baekho : Bye Ren~

Baekho : Aron @

Aron : Me and Ren will leave. Bye

Baekho : I have to go too ~

Baekho : Let’s go~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Ren : Kkandappia to the future!

Baekho : Let’s go ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Gotcha. I’m not leaving!!

Baekho : I’m going to leaveㅋㅋㅋ…or not, I’ll get scolded„, ㅜㅜByeㅠㅠIf we got 1st on supporting ranking!! Let’s have a chat agai. I’m going ~Bbyong★


Translated by thenuest
Thanks to @JR_thine_ for the chatting file!

NEWS | Nu’est Minhyun confessed ” My first hug…”

Member Minhyun of Nu’est recently has confessed that he hasn’t been in love with anyone.

In recent interview with enews, he confessed ” As of now, I haven’t been in love with anyone. Of course I also haven’t had my first kiss yet” and revealed that he is lacking of love experience. Born in Busan, Minhyun, with his 181cm-height and handsome look, is gaining lots of love from noona fans.

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