[Fanaccount] Meeting Nu’est at Everland 120402

  “I don’t know how to start because I have a lot to say. Maybe I’ll start off with some background information. I’m a Singaporean girl who reached Korea (with my mom) on 120331 for a holiday in Seoul. Today’s my 3rd day in Seoul and I decided to make my way to Everland today even though it’s a little far from my hotel @ Myeongdong. So I took the train from Myeongdong to Gangnam then the public bus to Everland. Took me about 1.5 hours. When the public bus reached the Everland stop, my mom and I had to get off to take the shuttle bus to the park itself. I was speaking to my mom in Chinese when a girl who was walking near us asked us in Chinese if we were from Hongkong. So we told her we are from Singapore. Because she was alone we decided to go together. It was only during the short shuttle bus trip that I got to know from her (I will refer to her as ‘S’ from now on) that Nu’est is scheduled to film a programme at Everland, and that she was just going there to help her friends take photos of them. So we entered the park after buying our tickets. I even got a half-price discount for my all-day pass because S has a bank card that is affiliated with Everland and could be used for purchase of admission tickets. >:D

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