Audio + Lyrics+ concept pictures: NU’EST 2nd mini album – Hello

Introducing a new style into the K-pop boy group market with fresh music and performance such as “FACE”, “Action” along with unique fashion style, Urban Electro Band NU’EST is back with 2nd Mini Album.

NU’EST, ‘Spokesmen for Teenagers’, has been addressing today’s social issues from the perspective of teens with strong and powerful music and performance. This time, they are talking about love through mature, emotional music topped with dramatic performance.

After their explosive debut in March 2012, NU’EST has already created strong fan base in and out the country, even achieving a sold out individual concert in Japan recently. NU’EST has become a new style icon in the world of K-Pop all around Asia, and now they are ready to touch your emotions with delicate music this end of winter.

NU’EST confesses that being on a stage reaching for their dream is the happiest time in their life. Anticipating NU’EST’s new style and tempo, this is NU’EST’s show time!

Concept pictures: (click to enlarge)

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