Trans: 130216 JR’s love letter in fancafe “Today recording”

연습하고왔어요~이제자야돼요 ~

내일 아니오늘 사녹할때!!

좋은모습또 보여드릴게요.



Trans: I just back from practicing~ I have to go to sleep ~

Tomorrow.. no, on today recording!!

I will show up good vibe again.You have to come!!Alright?~

credit: NU’EST official fancafe

Trans by: thenuest

Trans: Mr. Mic (Seung Gwan) & Mr. Blue Earmuff (JoonHee)’s profiles

Mr Mic / Bu Seung Gwan’s profile

Name: Bu Seung Gwan / Chinese: 勝寬 (not sure about this hanja) – 승 in winning and 관 in caring.

Date of birth: Jan 16 1998

Blood type: B

Body size: 172cm / 58kg / 265mm(foot size) – i will grow taller ㅠㅠ

Ideal type: Girl who is easy-going, has big eyes and white skin; who is like a same-sex friend.

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TRANS | 121012 – Minhyun’s update on Twitter

“Hi everybody! It’s Nuest’s Minhyun~ ^^
We are going to America today~~~~~!!!!!
We won’t be able to see everyone for awhile
but you guys want to see how the image of Nuest in America right?? ^^
When we come back from America it will be the birthday party soon
So please bear with it for awhile and look forward to it~
So LOVES, see you next week~ Bye~ @m‘ ”

Credit: NuestSG

TRANS | Baekho/Me2Day

Now before going to America…….Revealing a photo!!!! Although you miss me, endure it while looking at my photo. When we’re back I’ll upload a photo and my impression (about America)ㅠㅠ Please wait for a little bit!! Bbyong ♥ [Tag : The weather is so nice I want to go picnic with L.O.V.Es.. L.O.V.Es I love you♥♥♥♥♥]

Credit: thenuest

TRANS | 121007 NU’EST Random Chatting – Minhyun

Minhyun : Hello
Minhyun : First, I need to be excused
Minhyun : My typing is a bit slow so type slowly please
Minhyun : Hello!
Minhyun : How are you doing?
Minhyun : I did my best to improve my typing skills but they didn’t improve much
Minhyun : Good luck on your exam tomorrow
Minhyun : Do well on your exam
Minhyun : And let’s have lots of fun at the birthday partyㅎㅎㅎㅎ
Minhyun : We’re practicing really hard
Minhyun : You could be excited about it
Minhyun : We’ll blow away all your stress
Minhyun : You’ll regret it if you don’t come

Reporter-Lee : The information about the birthday party will come up tomorrow
Reporter-Lee : Even the members don’t know about it that well
Reporter-Lee : I have to go now

Minhyun : About the comeback…??

Fan : Oppa will you come to Daegu/ Busan/ Gumi?
Minhyun : We’ll be there for the fan sign event when the new album comes outㅎㅎㅎ

Minhyun : Do you want to see anything special at the fan-meeting??
Minhyun : Abs, aegyo, rap, sexy dance
Minhyun : Or Cross-dressing
Minhyun : What?? Ballet???^^;;
Minhyun : I’m trying to get rid of my Busan accent
Minhyun : I’ll show you (perfect Seoul accent) when I become a perfect Seoul-er

Reporter-Lee : Do you think it’s possible
Reporter-Lee : for Minhyun to get rid of his accent
Reporter-Lee : perfectly?

Minhyun : I have it fixed now
Minhyun : But to be perfect
Minhyun : You want to see me acting right?
Minhyun : Then I need to fix it
Minhyun : So help me

Reporter-Lee : Minhyun splitting his legs
Minhyun : Splitting my legs?
Reporter-Lee : Do you think it’s possible?
Minhyun : When I tried splitting my legs before
Minhyun : I cried
Minhyun : So NEVER!!!!!!

Minhyun : I cross-dressing many times before, didn’t I?
Reporter-Lee : Everyone… Minhyun’s
Reporter-Lee : cross-dressing is a hidden card
Reporter-Lee : We’re going to hide it
Reporter-Lee : It’s not okay if it’s shown already
Reporter-Lee : You know Hwang Minyeo (Beauty) right?
Reporter-Lee : Even himself likes it Hwang Minyeo..

Minhyun : Hello.. I’m Hwang Minyeo^^♥
Minhyun : You can call me Unnie now~
Minhyun : Yeah~ Everyone~

Reporter-Lee : Everyone, What are Minhyun’s appealing points?
Reporter-Lee : Why do you love Minhyun?
Reporter-Lee : And Minhyun, Which part do you like yourself the most?
Minhyun : ALLㅋㅋㅋ
Reporter-Lee : Hwang Minyeo’s overflowing self-esteemㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Reporter-Lee : Everyone, Minhyun isn’t typing
Reporter-Lee : Hurry and ask him a questionㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Minhyun : Question
Minhyun : Question
Minhyun : Question
Minhyun : I love L.O.^.E.s
Minhyun : I’m too shy to cross-dress

Fan : Reveal your abs
Minhyun : Abs? Slightly..

Minhyun : You can look forward for the birthday party
Minhyun : So please come
Minhyun : I hope all of our LOVEs could come
Minhyun : L.O.V.E’s love as birthday present?

Fan : Oppa, NU’EST appearance rankㅋㅋㅋ
Minhyun : Appearance rank?
Minhyun : 1st Minhyun; 2nd Aron; 3rd Ren;

Minhyun : (Background changed to Minhyun when he cross-dressing) OMG. Ah
Minhyun : Pretty right?
Reporter-Lee : It’s my favorite picture. Yeoksam-Dong Hwang Minyeo
Minhyun : Sense 100 points.
Minhyun : Try to fall in love (With Hwang Minyeo)

Fan : Unnie is a goddess
Minhyun : Isn’t a ‘Goddess’ too much..? I’m a guy afterall
Minhyun : Fairy. Okay
Minhyun : I choose national fairy
Minhyun : Later on, on the fanchant “National fairy Hwang Minhyun!!”

Reporter-Lee : Minhyun I hope you can get casted in a drama soonㅠㅠ
Minhyun : I know right
Reporter-Lee : You’re Hwang Minam (Pretty boy). Your charm is overflowing
Minhyun : Reply 1997 Season 2 Kya. Exactly my role right?
Reporter-Lee : If Minhyun do it, the first kiss..
Minhyun : ㅠㅠ
Minhyun : (with) Yoo Min Sang Senior (A gagman)ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Reporter-Lee : Minhyun is a solo (single)
Minhyun : It was really hard. The feeling.. I can’t explain with words
Minhyun : The feeling is not as sweet and as tingling

Fan : Oppa who sleep next to you at the dorm???
Minhyun : JR and Ren. We use the same room
Minhyun : Ren (sleeps) on 2nd floor (Bunk-bed)
Minhyun : 1st floor Minhyun JR
Minhyun : Baekho sleeps in the other room
Minhyun : I kinda stressed out. He’s (Baekho) really dirty/un-tidy

Minhyun : Ideal type?
Minhyun : Sleeping habit? JR is.. sleeping while snuggling pillow
Minhyun : I’m well-behaved when sleeping
Minhyun : Aron hyung is well-behaved as well
Minhyun : Ren is always puts on a mask-pack before going to sleep
Minhyun : Baekho is..

Fan : Were you originally wanted to be a singer?
Minhyun : Yes, I want to be a singer

Fan : Do you use pajamas?
Minhyun : I love knee trousers, short sleeve tee

Fan : Oppa what’s your favorite food?
Minhyun : For now, it’s Ice cream

Fan : Song you often listening to recently?
Minhyun : Recently..I’m listening to Orange Caramel senior songs. Twist twist up lipstick~

Fan : Oppa do you love L.O.V.Es?
Minhyun : I love (L.O.V.Es) like how far is Mars to Uranus

Minhyun : I like all fruits
Minhyun : Foods that i don’t like…
Minhyun : Eggplant?

Fan : Highest rank you got in the class?
Minhyun : 5th place in class?
Minhyun : Because i studiedㅎㅎ
Minhyun : Do you know a root formulaㅋㅋ

Minhyun : Ideal type. My ideal type now is a songㅋㅋ
Minhyun : Other members first impression? They’re so good-looking. I was so nervous

Fan : Your ideal type is Reporter -Lee
Minhyun : Reporter-Lee?
Reporter-Lee : I’m not close with Minhyun. I hope we can get close
Minhyun : Are you kidding me?ㅋㅋㅋ
Reporter-Lee : Yah~ Are you kidding me?
Reporter-Lee : That’s NU’EST favorite words

Fan : Do you like grape?
Minhyun : I like grape

Reporter-Lee : Thanks to you all, Me and Minhyun are even more awkward now. Thank you^^

Fan : Oppa since when were you pretty and good looking?
Minhyun : I’m good-looking since August 9th 1995
Minhyun : Actually I’m good-looking since 1st grade on high school
Minhyun : My eyes aren’t small. It’s just that the other members’ eyes are too big. My eyes aren’t that small.
Minhyun : My height.. because my father is tall. heredity?

Minhyun : I’m playing around while thinking about LOVEs. I want to visit fancafe again to read message and picturesㅎㅎ I cheer up when I read fan letter. NU’EST strolling king Hwang Minhyun. I’ll try to be king of replyㅋㅋ

Minhyun : Me2day..
Minhyun : I often monitoring the official twitter (T/N : @NUESTNEWS)

Fan : Switch your concept with Ren’s
Minhyun : Ren’s concept.. I like the ‘Straight and Narrow Guy’

Reporter-Lee : As for now, the members doesn’t have personal twitter~~
Minhyun : Bbuing Bbuing
Minhyun : About a solo song
Reporter-Lee : Please don’t ask that question^^ (The members) still doesn’t have handphone, so they can’t do it (twitter)
Minhyun : I want to do it too
Minhyun : I often read fanletter.

Fan : Oppa do you want to marry younger girls or older girls???
Minhyun : Older, younger, same-age not a problem for me

Fan : Oppa which member are scariest when they’re serious?
Minhyun : Baekho. He becomes Baekho when he gets serious

Fan : Oppa confess to L.O.V.E for once!!
Minhyun : Go-baek (Confess)
Minhyun : go back (in english// same pronounciation as go-baek)
Minhyun : I love you
Minhyun : eeee I love you (in english)

Fan : Bare-face beauty Hwang Minhyun
Minhyun : If it’s bare face then it’s Minhyun
Minhyun : Skin beauty
Minhyun : I practiced typingㅋㅋWith a memo paperㅋㅋ
Minhyun : I love you too~~
Minhyun : Everyone, I have to go nowㅜㅜ Bye bye. Bye~~~~~
Minhyun : Good bye my princess (in english)
Minhyun : Lastly, ~@m’
Minhyun : Bye bye

Translated by Jiwon & Ayu @ thenuest